The performing arts are more than a skill set. They are tools that allow individuals to express creativity and explore the depths of their imaginations. Our performing arts camps will channel this creativity and imagination into show-stopping performances that reflect the joys and struggles of the human condition, develop understanding of new cultures and ideas, and teach campers to mirror the world around them.

Performance arts camps will be divided into two sessions: acting and musical production. These workshops will allow students interested in music, theater, dance, and show choir to receive individual attention from industry professionals, as well as our faculty and staff. The camps will conclude with culminating performances in the form of musical theater revues, stage scenes, or solo vocal performances.


In today’s technology centered world, digital media skills are invaluable. Staffed by the industry’s most experienced directors and photographers, our digital media camp provides students with instruction in video production and digital photography. In a state of the art digital media lab students will receive training on numerous professional software programs including the Adobe Design Suite, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Garage Band, and more.

The digital media camp is open to beginners and advanced students, but all campers must have basic computer skills. More advanced campers will work at their own pace.


Illustration is the art of making ideas visible. Our painting and illustration camps will empower students to choose the appropriate medium for their work. Designed for beginning illustrators, campers will learn new techniques to create realistic illustrations and develop their individual artistic style. Painting sessions will assist students in mastering acrylic paint by exploring master artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. Illustration sessions will introduce campers to the history of comics, story boarding, paneling, figure drawing, body positioning, and stances.


Dance camps will allow students to develop kinesthetic awareness, posture, alignment, flexibility, and creative expression. Our professional hip hop and modern dance instructors will focus on proper dance technique and provide campers with an enjoyable environment to increase physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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When you give a gift to Kile’s World Foundation, you make dreams come true. Financial contributions help subsidize tuition for a child otherwise unable to afford a formal arts program to cultivate their talents. Your gift will fund instructors, camp materials, transportation costs, and other resources associated with camp operations.

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