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Kiles World - where compassion, empathy, and action intersect.

Kile's World Foundation is: Celebrating young people who transform their thoughts into action or "E-Motion", thus helping others and imploring the world to do the same.

In loving memory...

“Kile is and will always be my muse. He inspires me to do great things both artistically and in general to help others. He was a guiding genius,” says Raymond of her late son. The desire of Kile’s World Foundation is to give young artists the priceless opportunity to be taught and encouraged while developing their skills with great leadership and support.

Kile Ishmael Glover was a prodigy who loved, created and exercised many forms of art. He acted in stage productions, wrote, produced and performed music and he was a budding visual artist; painting abstract art, designing CD covers for his own music and photography.To honor Kile, his mother, Tameka Raymond plans to carry out her son’s well-­laid legacy by fulfilling the blueprint that he set with his infinite devotion to the arts.

About Kile

On the afternoon of March 29th 2001 Ryan and Tameka were blessed with a phenomenal gift, Kile Ishmael Glover. Kile has brought eleven years of joy, bliss, and excitement to his parents.

There are those people whom one knows and then there are those whom one feels. Kile Glover was a person whom one felt. His passion for life and the purity of his spirit shone through in his eyes and pierced your soul before he ever spoke a word. Very few people lived life with the intensity that characterized everything Kile did, everything he was. He greeted the possibilities of the unknown without fear, but with excitement and a relentless enthusiasm to achieve greatness.

Sharing his joy with every single person he met, Kile was mischievous, clever, bold, unabashedly candid and utterly charming. He was the kid with the plan and iPhone in hand, ready to take on the world as a master chef, musician, artist or CEO. Kile was a luminous force of nature and like moths to his flame we were all compelled to seek his joy and love. He had the God-given gift of making you want to align your dreams with his, hold on tight and never leave his warmth.

We all wish we could forever dwell inside of that love, that joy and that light. But we take comfort in knowing that character does not die, it transfers. A person’s soul, their heart, it takes up residence in all who are open to receiving it. If the world could just feel Kile’s energy, be his energy, then it would be a brighter place. Inside of his fathomless, beautiful mind lived dreams yet realized, stories yet to be told and horizons yet to be conquered. It is our duty to nurture his eternal essence, the flame that he lit within us all, and continue to share it with others as long as there is breath in our bodies.

Be kind, be clever, be creative, be silly, be spontaneous and be bold. Protect Kile’s legacy by being forgiving and sharing your heart, your ideas and your joy with all those you meet.

That was Kile Glover.

In loving memory.
The beautiful Mind

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